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The Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation is the official peer-reviewed publication of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association and the Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons. We welcome articles that contribute to orthopaedics, trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation related knowledge from all countries.

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Changes in rehabilitation outcomes by new guidelines of Hong Kong Hospital Authority in implant choice for femoral neck fracturesdAustin Moore versus cemented Exeter hemiarthroplasty 因應香港醫院管理局對股骨頸骨折假體選擇的新指引而對其復康成果的 轉變 d 奧斯汀摩爾 (Austin Moore) 與骨水泥埃克塞特 (Exeter) 半髖關節 置換術的比較

Description of article


In 2013, Hospital Authority of Hong Kong replaced Austin Moore Arthroplasty (AMA) with cemented Exeter hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fractures. This study evaluated whether this new guidelines resulted in better mortality, hospital service reattendances and rehabilitation outcomes.




Patients aged 65e84 years with hemiarthroplasty done in a tertiary hospital during 2012e 2014 were reviewed retrospectively. AMA group included AMAs carried out during years 2012e2013, and Exeter group included cemented modular Exeter hemiarthroplasties carried out during years 2013e2014. All patients were followed-up for 2 years.


The Exeter group performed significantly better in rehabilitation outcomes than AMA group in terms of mobility score, independent and outdoor walking and community dwelling. They also had less hospital service reattendances due to falls, refractures and implant-related causes. There was a trend towards lower mortality in the Exeter group with increasing duration from operation.


The new guidelines in replacing AMA with cemented Exeter hemiarthroplasty resulted in better patient outcomes.

中 文 摘 要

背景: 香港醫院管理局於2013年以Exeter骨水泥半髖關節置換術代替Austin-Moore非骨水泥半髖關節置換 術(AMA)作爲移位髖頸骨折之首選儀器。此論文檢討這個新指引會否改善病者的死亡率、再度使用醫院服 務、和復康成果。 方法: 我們回顧性研究於2012-2014年間在一間三級醫院内因髖頸骨折進行半髖關節置換術, 年齢介乎65-84 歳的病者。AMA組包括了於2012-2013年間進行的Austin-Moore非骨水泥半髖關節置換術, 而Exeter組則包 括於2013-2014年間進行的Exeter骨水泥半髖關節置換術。所有病者均追蹤至術後兩年。 結果: Exeter組較AMA 組在復康成果中有顯著的優勢, 尤其是行動指數、獨立行動及戶外行動能力、及社區 居住能力。Exeter組亦顯著較少因爲跌倒、再骨折及儀器有關之原因再度使用醫院服務。隨著手術後的時間 越長, Exeter組亦有趨勢有較低的死亡率。 結論: 香港醫院管理局年以Exeter骨水泥半髖關節置換術代替Austin-Moore非骨水泥半髖關節置換術的新指 引改善了病者的結果。


Hsu Albert Yung-Chak

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Immediate weight-bearing as tolerated has improved outcomes compared to noneweight-bearing after surgical stabilisation of midshaft clavicle fractures in polytrauma patients 多發創傷患者鎖骨幹體中間骨折手術固定後即時可容忍負重相比非負重 有改善的結果

Description of article


Clavicle fractures are common injuries in the polytrauma population and frequently limit early mobilisation. This study evaluates the effect of immediate crutch weight-bearing (WB) in polytrauma patients after surgical stabilisation of a displaced midshaft clavicle fracture.


A retrospective review identified 26 polytrauma patients with operatively managed displaced midshaft clavicle fractures and a noneweight-bearing (NWB) lower extremity injury. Patients were allowed immediate WB after surgery or NWB. The primary outcome was total hospital length of stay. Statistical analysis was done using ManneWhitney U test.


The WB group had decreased total hospital length of stay (10.4 vs. 17.0 days, p ¼ 0.012) and improved physical therapy score (3.9 vs. 2.9, p ¼ 0.054) and postoperative length of stay (6.8 vs. 12.7 days, p ¼ 0.006) compared with the NWB group.


Our data suggest that an immediate WB as tolerated protocol for polytrauma patients after surgical fixation of displaced clavicle fractures may decrease the overall length of stay

中 文 摘 要


背景: 鎖骨骨折是多發性創傷中常見的損傷,常常限制早期運動。這項研究評估了即時拐杖負重在多發性創傷 患者移位的鎖骨幹體中間骨折手術固定後的影響。

方法: 回顧性分析確定了26例多多發性創傷患者具有鎖骨幹體中間骨折手術固定和非負重下肢損傷。患者在 手術即後時負重(WB)或非負重(NWB)。主要結果是總住院時間(TLOS)。統計學分析使用了Mann-Whitney U 檢驗。 結果: WB組患者相比NWB組患者TLOS降低(10.4 vs. 17.0,p ¼ 0.012),物理治療評分(3.9 vs. 2.9,p ¼ 0.054)和術 後住院時間(6.8 vs. 12.7天,p ¼ 0.006)有改善。

結論: 我們的數據表明,多發創傷患者鎖骨幹體中間骨折手術固定後,即時可容忍負重方案可能會縮短總住院時 間。



Brian Cunningham, Jennifer Tangtiphaiboontana, Hrayr Basmajian, Ryan Mclemore, ... Gilbert Ortega


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Quiz of the month: A 15-year-old boy presented with right elbow pain and stiffness for few months especially after strenuous exercise. He needs to have regular table tennis training about 4-5 hours per day. The MRI and X-ray of his right elbow are shown.

What is your radiological diagnosis?   MRI of the same elbow is illustrated.    osteochondritis dissecans of right elbow at the capitellum  

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