Volume 18, Issue 2, December 2014

Journal Of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation Volume 18 Issue 2 December 2014



To the New Milestone

Nang-Man Raymond Wong



Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Factors Affecting Postsurgery Hip Fracture Recovery: 影響髖部骨折手術後康復的因素

Sydney Wallace, Betty Jo Ellington


Review Article

Strategies for Revision Total Ankle Replacement: 全踝關節置換翻修手術的策略

Thomas S. Roukis


Is the Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor a Safe Measure for Bone Lengthening? A Systematic Review: 用ISKD髓內骨骼延長釘來進行骨骼延長是一個安全方法嗎?一個系統性回顧

Ahmed Nageeb Mahmoud, Mohamed Amgad, Muhammad T. Abdelmohsen, Ahmed Yasser Nagy, Mohamed Abuelhadid, Ahmed I. Aref, Ahmed F. Abdulrahim, Mubarak A. Al Abdullah, Khaled Emara


Original Articles

The Clinical Outcome of Management of Periprosthetic Infection in Total Knee Replacement: 治療全膝關節置換術假體周圍感染的臨床結果

Michael Siu-Hei Tse, Hing-Cheong Wong, Wai-Lam Chan, Siu-Bon Woo


Locking Plate for AO Type C Intra-articular Distal Radius Fracture: Volar or Dorsal Approach?: 以鎖定鋼板治療AO- C型橈骨遠端關節內骨折 ---- 應使用掌側抑或背側入路?

Ka-Ho Tsang, Kai-Yiu Choi, Yat-Fai Chan, Shun-Chung Lau, Yuk-Yin Chow


Management of Proximal Humeral Fractures with Proximal Humerus Locking Plate—A Prospective Study: 以肱骨近端鎖定鋼板治療近端肱骨骨折—個前瞻性的研究

Vijay Sharma, Balvinder Singh, Shailendra Khare


Anthropometric Measurement of Tunnel Lengths for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Chinese: 在中國病患者進行前交叉韌帶重建隧道長度的測量結果

James Chung-Kit Cheng, Wing-Leung Chan, Albert Yung-Chak Hsu


Exostosis of the Foot: Clinical Features and Outcome After Surgery: 腳的外生骨瘤—— 臨床特點和手術後的結果

Jessica Man-Sin Ng, Fu-Keung Ip, Siu-Ho Wan, Tak-Chuen Wong, Sze-Yan Chan


Case Reports

Ossified Thoracic Spinal Meningioma with Lamellar Bone Formation presented with Paraparesis: 胸椎脊膜瘤硬化板層骨形成伴隨下肢輕癱

Tsang-Tung Chan, Vince Wing-Hang Lau, Tony Kwok-Fung Chau, Yuen-Lun Lee


Congenital Thenar Hypoplasia with Absent Radial Artery: A Case Report: 先天性大魚際肌發育不全和缺失橈動脈 - 病例報告

Keith Hay-Man Wan, Ivan C.H. Pang


Report of a Rare Case of Hand Bony Involvement of Sarcoidosis in a Chinese Young Man: 罕見病例報告: 一名患有手骨肉狀瘤病的中國年輕男子

Shiu-Him Jonathan Yuen, Chi-Pan Simon Yuen


A Rare Intra-articular Pathology of Knee Lipoma Arborescens: A Report of Two Cases Managed by Arthroscopic Synovectomy: 膝關節罕見的關節內病變--樹枝狀脂肪瘤:由關節鏡滑膜切除術醫治的兩個病例報告

Sung Yee Lee, Sin Chuen Yip, Wai Hong Yuen



An Unusual Case of “Late” Central Protrusion of the Helical Blade of Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation

Kun-Chow Yip, Yun-Chiang Hsu Stephen, Hin-Keung Wong


History of Orthopaedics

Fu Louis

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