2015 December Issue

Journal Of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation Volume 19 Issue 2 December 2015




Yuen-Fai Leung



Orthopaedic Rehabilitation



Yik-Cheung Samuel Wan, Wai Hung Chester Lie, Cheuk Ting Terence Pun, Yuen Ha Rita Lam, Chui San Maggie Ng, Tze Pui Ng


50th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association - Special Article on History of Orthopaedics in Hong Kong

The Contributions of Kenelm Hutchinson Digby to Orthopaedics in Hong Kong Part 1: 坎奈姆‧狄比教授Professor Kenelm Hutchinson Digby對香港骨科的貢獻(第一部)

Louis Fu


Original Articles

Acetabular Reconstruction with Reinforcement Ring and Morsellised Graft: Technique and Medium-term Result: 以髖臼加強環及切碎骨來重建髖臼 - 技術及中期結果

Ching Lik Hui, Hang Cheong Cheng, Sun Wing Lau, Hon Shuen Ho, Chi Kit Chiu


A Comparison of Biceps Labrum Complex Findings in Patients With and Without Superior Migration of the Humeral Head in Large or Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: 比較在患有旋轉袖肌巨大破裂的病人中有和沒有肱骨頭向上遷移對於肱二頭肌盂唇複合體的影響

Mura Nariyuki, Harada Mikio, Tsuruta Daisaku, Ogino Toshihiko, Takagi Michiaki


Surgical Difficulties and Complications in the Treatment of Bisphosphonate-related Proximal Femur Fractures: 非典型股骨近端骨折外科手術的困難和併發症

Chun-Man Ma, Man-Hong Cheung, Wah-Bong Wong


Slap Lesions in Middle-aged Patients: Biceps Repair or Tenodesis? What Should We Perform for Long Biceps Tendon?: 盂唇前後延伸撕裂(SLAP)的中年患者:選擇二頭肌修復或肌腱固定術?我們應該對二頭肌長肌腱(long biceps tendon)作什麼手術?

Sergi Sastre, Guillem Claret, Lluis Peidro, Lluis Lozano, Miguel Caballero


The Polished MS-30 Stem With a Solid Centralizer: A Minimum 10-year Review of Radiological and Clinical Outcomes: 拋光 MS-30 假體固體與實心置中器的結合:最少術後十年的造影和臨床結果

Ka-Bon Kwok, Chi-Ho Jason Fan, Kin-Wah Bobby Ng


Case Reports

Unrecognised Acute Rupture of the Achilles Tendon in Severe Ankle Sprain: 在嚴重的腳踝旋後扭傷個案中被忽略了的破裂跟腱

Kin Wai Lam, Tun Hing Lui


Intraspinal Leakage of Cement During Vertebroplasty for an Elderly Woman with Osteoporotic Burst Fracture: A Case Report and Short Review of Prevention and Management: 為患有骨質疏鬆性爆裂性骨折的老太太,進行椎體成形術卻出現骨水泥在椎管內滲漏:病例報告和回顧其預防和處理

Yuk-Chuen Siu, Man-Hong Cheung, Chun-Man Ma


A Huge Infected Popliteal Cyst Dissecting into Gastrocnemius Mimicking Calf Abscess: 模仿小腿肌肉膿腫徵狀的巨大、受感染並擴展至腓腸肌的膕窩囊腫

Leong-Pan Hung, Yuen-Fai Leung, Bill Archie Lo, Kwok-Fung Tony Chau


Acute Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Secondary to Anconeus Epitrochlearis Muscle: 由肘肌滑車上肌導致的急性肘管綜合症

Ying-Kan Law


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